“It always comes back to an acoustic guitar and a good song. Inject some of your soul and share it to see who you can touch.” 


“Baring his soul, creating music is second nature to Corey Primus who offers lyrically, timeless melodies resonating with all who listen.



Rooted up north, years of lyrical inspiration were brought to life in “cross roads mill town” Prince George, British Columbia, where Corey produced his most recent album Something’s On Fire with sweet notes infused by close family as heard in “Away” and “Love is Always”. Tucked away in a family home, the serene setting organically set the tone for the album reflected in “Long Road Quiet Night” and was illuminated by the melodious voices of family. 

Familiar sentiments of loss, hope and love are ingrained in his lyrics bridging together pleasant harmonies with thoughtful poesy that grips your spirits most notably in “Misery”. Relationships, past and present, are pivotal to the core of Corey’s songs in former and current singles including “Waiting”, “Back to You” and “Middle Way” wherein raw, honest and passionate emotions are revealed. Earlier songs from Directions in a Foreign Tongue beat to an edgier sound whereas Something’s On Fire takes you on an alternative journey through composed harmonies. Either way, Corey Primus’ music is multi-generational and remains contemporary in any age.      

As for the future, expect new material from Corey exploring a fresh, pop sound with young musicians from These Kids Wear Crowns.”

Corey Primus

Something's On Fire Album Preview


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