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The Story Behind The Story!

Courtesy of The Agency Media,

I have been blogging on my website for over a year now. I talk about the songs and other things that are happening but I haven’t really talked about the nitty gritty regarding the changes in my life. Significant changes have been going on. They are exciting, liberating and terrifying. Well maybe not terrifying but that would add some drama to the whole story. I left my job on August 14, 2015. I was a Director of Care for a senior’s living home. I have been a registered nurse since 2004 and prior to that I was a care aid. That was my day job and it sustained me and my family quite well. The logical extension of my DOC job would have been to continue working until I was 65 and then retire with a reasonable pension. I chose otherwise. 

Long before I was a nurse I was writing songs. Music and songwriting have been part of my life since I was in elementary school. Much to my chagrin my sister often reminds me of one of my early songs entitled “Blue Skies” written from my desk in the 2 room elementary school I attended. It wasn’t agreat song but it was a sign.  The signs were there from an early age that I needed to express myself through words and music. But I fought those signs in favour of a more traditional lifestyle. Now that I have left my job I am still fighting it. This is me leaping and waiting for the net to appear. Will people actually buy my music in a big enough way that I can make a living at it? It’s starting slowly but I believe they will. 

There are plenty of philosophical/spiritual quotes to support this kind of decision. We are all familiar with “follow your bliss/heart/passion” among a myriad of other popular self-help sayings. They all stem from something true and valid, but they can be a challenge to implement, in a meaningful way, in our lives. Do we follow our bliss after work so we can continue to pay the bills? That may be best for some. We all have to find our way. 

To some degree I have always been on the path but it was secondary to other priorities so it didn’t progress the way I would have liked. Now I am in it, sink or swim and it is good...sink or swim. We don’t know where things will take us exactly. The journey goes one step at a time and we take the great with the not-so-great. I don’t need to know the end. I’m just happy to be on the path…. 

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