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August 2014

August has been busy with many things and most of them not too musical. Summer sun. Vacation. Day job. To batches of lovely company visiting from Ireland. All good things but I am anxious to get back to recording and music related activity. I had the wonderful opportunity to hike up Golden Ears Mountain with my son Joel. Amazing day and an amazing hike. Nearly killed my knees but it was worth it to spend time in the sun hiking with my son, one of my favourite things. Golden Ears is a tough hike but worth it on a hot August day. We were there when the gates to the park opened at 7:00 am. We made it up to the peak in 4 hours passing most everyone on the trail on the way up. It was glorious (except for the sore knees coming down that is). 

My apologies for the lag in blog entries. Peace. 



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