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Out June 28


I was blown away the other day when I looked at Soundcloud and saw that Back To You had over 20,000 plays and some wonderful comments. Very exciting. I hope that all of my subscribers received their free download of the song. Send me a message and let me know. I continue to work at home recording new material. Sometimes it is a struggle to do the work that we love. We are busy with earning a living and day to day life and we desire to spend time on our art. That is one aspect of the meaning of Back To You. The thing that we love waits patiently while we work through our busy, distracted lives until we stop to breathe. When we recognize the breath we stop to connect, if only for a moment, and we see our love, our light, waiting patiently for us. Then we connect and step closer...breathing in....breathing out. Peace everyone. 

Corey Primus (c) 2015