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New Year's Resolutions

I received a coffee mug for Xmas that reads, “Keep calm and save the earth”. I love it. I was reflecting on this idea of “saving” the earth. Certainly there is a strong movement to support that idea. Neil Young wrote a new song about it and performed it on the David Suzuki Blue Dot tour. We should all be actively involved in environmental issues. Each day we should be examining how we can lessen our footprint on the planet both from a collective perspective as well as an individual one. Somehow though I think the earth is relatively resilient and doesn’t necessarily need us to save it so much as leave it alone. Nature is a beautiful thing in its purest state. The problem is when we impose our wasteful lifestyle on it then it must work harder to regulate itself. We just need to back off…a lot. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Stop building things when we don’t understand the long term effects. Stop pretending that we know more than nature. (If this was a video blog this is the point where someone would hit me in the head with a beach ball because I am being a downer.) 

The thing is, we have this need to be heroes and to “save” everyone and everything. It is a bit too much ego to think that it is all up to us. I mean, to some degree it is but not in the most dramatic sense. Just pull back a little: Drive a little less, consume a little less. Quit tossing garbage, in any form, on the ground. What ever you do, enjoy it but do it with a little more consciousness about the impacts. There are little things we can do every day where ever we are. All the little things add up to a big thing. 

There is a good New Year’s resolution for all of us. (Well for me anyway). 

And check out The David Suzuki Foundation. They are doing great work.




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