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Out June 28

The Planet

There is a new movie coming out, Interstellar, and in one of the trailers a voice over makes reference to the idea that we can't save planet earth so we have to look to finding another habitable place in space. Not having seen the movie I might be premature in commenting but I will go out on a limb to make a comparison here. I have also been sharing David Suzuki's Blue Dot tour messages on Facebook. The Blue Dot tour along with The David Suzuki Foundation is all about saving the planet earth. I have been feeling this incredible dichotomy between saving the earth versus junking it in favour of a new home planet in space. Of course I realize that people must know we are not ready to just fly to another planet and live there. However, I also hope that people do not adopt, en masse some subconscious notion that we can continue to treat our planet earth with disrespect and rely on "others" to rescue us to another planet. This perpetuates the ill-conceived idea of planned obsolesence where we can consume with disregard to any consequences because everything is replaceable. 

The DSF does amazing work to draw people's attention to the environment and our ever-increasing need to respect it and protect it. We are part of the environment. What we do to it we do to ourselves. If we think that it is expendable then so are we. All life on earth needs balance to survive. Humans are overwhelming the resources of the planet. This is not balance. 

I hope that, upon seeing the movie I will find that it actually has a message for us to treat our planet better rather than lose hope and try to escape. We will always be inextricably apart of this environment. 

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